What is it? Answers #131

Thursday, September 07, 2006

762. Clamp for wire sizes #8 to 556.5, 990 amps continuous service. More info on this clamp can be found in this pdf file (scroll half way down to see it in use).

763. Printer's furniture, for applying pressure to type, patent number 1,307,140.

The text along the bottom reads:

764. Baseball bat, cupped on the end to lower its weight.

765. Flexible allen wrench to adjust the points on GM vehicles with a window in the distributor cap.

766. Fusible link, the two pieces of metal are joined by a different type of metal with a low melting point, when heated it would break apart and automatically close a door, as part of a fire protection program. It was probably mounted on one of the massive fire doors in the heavy-timbered warehouses used in the 1800s and the early 1900s. Modern versions can be seen here.

767. Usually the wood is steamed and then compressed or bent to make an impossible object, or just soaking the wood can also work.

Thanks to Dan for submitting another example of this type of puzzle:


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